Why Choose US


Why Chose Apple Dental Specialities ?

Reason No .1

The Greatest asset of Apple Dental Specialities is our panel of
Expert Dentists headed by
Dr.Jalagam Kalyan Chakravarty B .D.S(Proprietor & Clinical Head) Other Experts

Reason No .2

Apple Dental Specialities– Personalized Dent Care :- Right from the moment you enter Apple Dental Specialities our Experts team will be there with you to take care of your problem and make sure that you shall leave the premises with a priceless smile on your face .

Reason No .3

Apple Dental Specialities is the Biggest Dental Clinic of Vizianagaram District with
1. 5 fully automatic Electronic Dental chairs.
2. Exclusive minor O.T for minor surgeries .
3. Exclusive Dental Implantology Room.
4. In house Dental Pharmacy 
5. Paediatric Dentistry – Child Dental care.
6. Advanced Root canal Treatment With Rotary Endodontics, Apex locator & Lasers .
7. Advanced Crown & Bridge work done by using the latest Cutting Edge technologies Like CAD /CAM, DMLS & Material like porcelain fussed to metal, Zirconia, Gold & other preciousmetals.

Reason No. 4

At Apple Dental Specialities all the Doctors, Hygienists , Dental Assistants ,Nurses and Support staff are Vaccinated with Anti Hepatitis- B vaccine and screened at regular intervals for HIV & Hepatitis – C viral infections and only after clearing all the tests are appointed and allowed to practice at our facility.

We screen all our patient at the time of registration , before start of the treatment procedure for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C , HIV 1 & HIV 2 thus making sure that these deadly contagious diseases do not spread to other from us nor do we get infected by other.

Reason No. 5

Apple Dental Specialities is the First and only Dental Clinic of Vizianagaram with ISO 9001-2008 Certification in 2016.

Reason No. 6

Apple Dental Specialities is the First Dental Clinic to have In house Licensed Pharmacy –

Reason No. 7

Apple Dental Specialities is the First Dental Clinic of Vizianagaram with minor operation theatre and Exclusive Dental Implants Centre .

Reason No. 8

Apple Dental Specialities has an Exclusive Paediatric Dentistry Chamber for personalised Child Dental Care.