The Story behind the Name

The Story Behind the Name

Apples are rich in Antioxidants ,flavanoids& dietary fiber and the phytonutrienes and antioxidants in apples may help in reducing the risk of developing cancer , Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardio vascular diseases. Apart from This there is an interesting similarity between APPLE & DENTAL (or TOOTH )……….

Since the inception of APPLE DENTAL SPECIALITIES back in April 2010. People wonder and keep asking us why we named our Dental Clinic as APPLE DENTAL SPECIALITIES ?

Well , at the first instance Apple is a fruit with many health benefits , so many that it is praised as a “Miracle food”.

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is an old proverb that we all are very much familiar with.

  • Apple stays fresh for many days / months
  • Until it is cut or bruised.
  • But once cut or bruised it turns
  • To brown colour even if we keep it
  • Under refrigeration.
  • Similarly , coming to Dental / Tooth ,
  • A tooth lasts a life time until and unless
  • Its Enamel (outer Layer of tooth) is
  • Damaged due to cavities , fractured due
  • To hit or attrited or Abraded

So dear friends inspired by this striking similarity between An Apple and A Tooth , we were named Apple Dental Specialities & Along with your co-operation we at Apple Dental Specialities Continuously endeveour to spread Dental awareness among the public and educate every one on how to protect their teeth and prevent Dental & Oral diseases because “Prevention is the best cure .”